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Car Mechanic


A car service involves a thorough inspection of your vehicle to ensure it remains dependable, secure, and operates at its optimal capacity, according to the manufacturer's guidelines.


The service schedule will recommend specific examinations and replacement parts, such as an oil change, to be carried out at certain intervals. Marc's Tyres provides a variety of car servicing packages to match your driving needs, all of which include a standard oil change and filter replacement. For a complete list of what is covered in our service packages, please refer to our car servicing checklist below.

It is recommended that you bring your vehicle log book with you so that the technician can stamp it after completing the service. Although not mandatory, having a service stamp in your log book each time your car is serviced can increase its resale value and indicate to potential buyers that the vehicle has been well-maintained.


If you are booking a full service, please also bring your locking wheel nut key so that the technician can perform a thorough wheel-off brake inspection.


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