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Here at Marc's Tyres, we carry a diverse selection of tires designed for cars, vans, and 4x4s, that cater to both your driving preferences and financial constraints. Our flexible schedule, which includes availability 7 days a week, makes it as effortless as a click to book an appointment and have your tires installed.

We have a huge range of tyres available from the world's leading tyre manufacturers. Whether you are looking for premium tyres or a budget option, we have new replacement tyres to fit nearly every car, van or SUV with tyres available today. 


Here are some of the advantages of switching to summer tyres:

  • Better mileage and reduced fuel consumption - Because the compound in summer tyres has less elasticity, on dry roads the rolling resistance of the tyre is reduced. As a result, drivers benefit from longer-lasting tyres and better fuel economy.

  • Improved driver comfort and reduced noise - Summer tyres are softer than their winter counterparts, which means they are better at absorbing vibrations from uneven road surfaces and are generally quieter.

  • Improved control - Softer tyres provide better grip on dry surfaces so during the milder months, summer tyres provide unrivalled handling and steering stability.  

  • Good all-rounders - In countries like the UK where the weather is generally less severe during the winter months, summer tyres can be used year-round - offering excellent performance on both wet and dry surfaces. However, in severe weather conditions where the temperature drops below +7°C, winter tyres are the best option.


Summer tyres contain a softer rubber compound compared to winter tyres, which enhances traction and improves handling on dry and wet roads in warm weather conditions.


With a simpler tread pattern consisting of fewer grooves and sipes, summer tyres optimise contact with the road during dry summer months, improving vehicle traction and braking ability.

However, the same rubber compound and tread design make summer tyres less suitable for cold, wintry weather conditions where temperatures drop below +7°C.

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